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Rail Staff Awards 2022

Rail Staff Awards 2022

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Dear Members

Rail Staff Awards 2022

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have voted/nominated and sent their kind words in support of this platform. This has resulted in being nominated for a Learning & Development Award at the Rail Staff Awards 2022.

This platform has reached a staggering 14,000 members and I spend most of my time answering queries, helping people understand, and clarifying rules to ensure people get that underpinning knowledge.  Not many of you know this but the running, updating, and developing of this platform is just done by me. 

With all the feedback coming in, I am finding it very difficult to thank you all personally in email as well as undertaking my day-to-day job as a Train Driver Competency Development Specialist.  This site is something I manage in my personal time and have great satisfaction in helping others. So please accept my thanks rather than separate emails.

The voting is still open, if you feel this platform has been a benefit to you, then please visit the following link to help support by voting.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Kind Regards